Lampworking day #107. To make up for a lack of posts...

Here's to making up for a lack of posts.

I'm sorry I haven't been working that much lately.  I'm not apologizing to you, by the way, dear reader... but to myself.  I really love lampworking, but unfortunately I just haven't settled into the habit of getting home after 5:30.  That extra hour really makes a difference. 

Here are the beads I made on Sunday.  Compared to a dime:

These six are pandora style, to fit on mostly any chord necklace or bracelet. 

The clear one was specially requested by a new friend.  These will be up for sale at my Etsy store soon! 

These tiny ones were made for earring pairs.  :) 
I tried to make sure that each one had one facing up and one on it's side so you could appreciate the details.

Speaking of earrings though, I sold out of everything in my shop today!  Super excited and really motivated to keep working and making more stuff!  Yaaaay

Here's the designated giant-holed bead of the day:

I love the clear protrusions.  They really look like water droplets, in a surreal kind of way.  I need to make sure to identify this glass and buy more of it!  (As currently I have no idea where it came from!  I bought it from someone's short lot, lol)

Here are some more motivational shots of the pandora-style beads... :)

These bead holes aren't clean yet.

Pincel de Fuego now on Etsy and Facebook!

Hey!  My online store and Facebook pages are up! 

Check it:

Lampworking day #100. Stud earrings and gang.

Woohoo!  I finally got started.  I was so scared to do it but I finally started experimenting.  I also made some green beads...They look kind of Shreky don't they?  Oooh and some focals.  Here they all are next to the dime.

Here's the Shreky combo:

And here are the mirrory focals.  Show them some love.


Yes yes, I know.  They're all kind of irregular and there isn't really a single pair but these are literally my first ones.  (Actually the second one isn't pictured because it was an actual mess.) 

The posts are made from 925 sterling silver (try to see if you can see the stamp in the picture, it's there.) but they're kind of "chamuscados" on account of the fire work.  I've cleaned these a little after the pictures were taken and they're a little shinier, I will keep treating them with different things to see if I can get them back to normal.  I really just need to work on this technique a lot, as a whole.

That's the closest I got to a pair, though I must admit, I wasn't really trying.  I was just trying to DO IT.  You know?  And it really was complicated.  Totally different from everything I've done so far.  I used my murrini, too.  You did notice that though, didn't you?

Here are their butts.  The one in the center that is really cool from behind isn't so wonderful on the front (I'll call that one Jennifer Lopez)... 

What can I say?  I gotta keep working on this.  Hope you enjoyed this one.  :)

P.S.  I've begun the Etsy store tonight.  Soon there will be actual content in it and you'll hear about it first. 

Lampworking day #95. Dainty red earrings.

Here are some red earrings.  These have little lampworked beads made by me (the tiny ones too) and beads in sterling silver.

I think red will always be my favorite color no matter what is in style and all the other combinations I grow to love.  Red is just... red.

These earrings are special because of the dainty size of the beads which makes it delicate but also because of these bead caps, which are of course sterling silver and very ornate. 

And here's how they hang.  I hope you liked them. 

Comments are welcome.


Lampworking day #94. Four earring pairs.

I'm excited to show you these.  :) 

Tuesday night I kind of went crazy... and I wouldn't go to sleep (kind of like tonight) until I made four pairs of earrings.  My mom kept me company and helped me a little but she mostly drove me crazy going "do this do this do this"... I guess she was pretty excited too.  I can't blame her.  My supplies are pretty much the shit.  I'll show you those in another post.  But here's how crazy my bed "studio" looked.

Again sorry about the light.  ...and here are the creations:

All the metal you see is sterling silver.  All of the wire work is done by moi.  Obviously the lampwork is also done by moi and well... I buy like 98% of my materials online.

Check out those swallows!  I love them.

Here's how long they hang:

These are for sale.  Check out the prices listed at the bottom of the post.  I'm sorry but the online store isn't quite ready yet.  Please just contact me if you're interested in buying these.  We can work it out.  I'll be friendly and if you're holding on for more options that's cool too.  I look forward to making more. 

I especially like the beads in these earrings.  They're really interesting to look at up close.  There are so many reactions going on.

Here's how long they hang:

I can't tell a lie, my mom pretty much designed these next ones while I was making the previous ones.  I love what she came up with.  (I did switch them up a little bit but not much)  The color is what really gets me about these.  I wouldn't normally go for something green like this but... I just love these.  I look forward to making other similar ones.

Here's how long they are:

I can really imagine these next ones at like a Cinderella ball or something.  Call me whimsical.

(These are real pearls btw.  Freshwater.)

9400 - red w/swallows - $40.00
9401 - ivory/turquoise reactions - $36.00
9402 - dainty green - $25.00 NFS
9403 - elegant purple w/pearls - $26.00

As the beads are handmade the sizes and designs can vary from one single earring to the matching pair.  No two beads are alike, thus all of my jewelry is one of a kind. 

I hope you liked these! 

Lampworking day #93. More beads for earrings.

I'm sorry but this post is completely appologetic.  I've been horrible about posting this week and to top it off these pictures really suck, cause I had to take them quick before making tons of earrings!  I wanted the pics of the beads by themselves because I was sure I'd start using them up for earrings inmediately.  Those pictures will be in the next post!  :o  Hopefully also posted tonight.  ASAP

There they are on their respective mandrels, and here they are compared to a penny.  Yep.  I was in a hurry and couldn't find a Panamanian dime, so you get a penny today. 

Again I'm so so sorry for the crap light.  I took these under a crap lamp.

A brief orange, and a red, slip.

Pay close attention to these last ones because in the next post you will see them under a completely different light, pun intended.