Christmas balls - finished!

Here are the other balls I managed to make!

This is the biggest one I made, and I put peppermint murrini on it!  And it showed up pretty well, I LOVE this ball!  It's not for sale!  (or as I told my mom, I'll sell it for $100)

Here is the bottom of it.  Don't you love this purple??

This one's so funky and awesome... It gives me a sort of scarf feeling...

This is the runt.

This next one really wasn't what I expected, but I still like it.  What I didn't expect is the TEXTURE... It's not what I wanted but it's not bad.  I think the colors are pretty cool also.

The baby!  I adore it!  I'm definitely keeping this one!!!

This one is kind of my favorite.  But I love them all so much so it's hard to say that.

It's just... these stripes are just perfect.

And this looks like a brush stroke!!!  Kill me?  I love it.

I'm torn between selling these (because I really want the money) and giving them as gifts to my friends. I'm probably going to go with the latter, though I hope nobody gets jealous by who I pick!  Brett Pierce if you're reading this... you're getting one, but not yet!  

Día de la madre

This is a necklace I made for mothers day for a friend to give to his wife.  (Mother's day is on Saturday)
Hope she likes it!  

Christmas Balls!

Yaaaayyy I made these Christmas balls during the weekend.  I really made 6, but I dropped one :(  and the other is soooo so ugly it will NOT be pictured.  I will recycle that glass.

Please excuse the dirty holes on the balls, they are currently in the annealer.  I didn't want to clean out the holes until they were annealed because that way they could possibly crack.
This one, you saw already...
Mind the dime in all of the pictures for size comparison.


This one was supposed to have white and red peppermint murrini, but the white I used is actually clear when spread out.  :(  I'll have to make more with a better white.  This is the biggest one I made and it's got a wonky shape but it's not so bad.  I mean it's my third try, which is not bad at all.  And it's not THAT wonky.

I love this one!!!  Look at all the detail!!!  Again, I'm just starting out, so one side has more glass than the other, which makes one side clear... But it's perfectly round.  :D

This is my favorite one.

Ok fine this one is my favorite one.  It's the tiniest one.  But how dainty it is!  The colors are great, too.

This is my new torch.  Yes, I already made a mess around it.  I'm sorry.  

And this, is the fucking mess I made out of the glaskolben.  I have yet to make a successful ball on these.  I just can't figure it out, and I've ruined 2 of them, as you can see.  The third one (bottom) is the one on which I burned my tongue.  Read about that by clicking here