Lampworking day #317. PURPLE! :)


Do you know what this is???

How about now?


Yay!  Purple murrini!!!

Purple murrini in the bag!

See all the colors???

Small murrini, though.  (That's a standard dime)


Murrini, in the bag.

Ready, set...

Purple beads.

I made a big, sloppy, hollow bead.  Give me a break, it's not that easy.  lol

I put murrini in it!

looks like Millifiori!

The colors are so pretty against the sunlight.

I like the combination of matte and clear.  



These were big and sloppy as well.  ...I didn't even bother to make them perfectly round.  They kept getting scummier and scummier.  I hate the gas supply here.  Tropigas, get it together!

...pinkish hue.

These are a lot smaller, don't be confused.  A LOT smaller.  And these have three itty bitty murrini in each.   

Super cute.

Crazy though, the plain murrini/less beads are my favorite.  lol I'm just not a big fan of clear glass, apparently.   

Purple reactive glass?  I didn't know it!  :)  (the dark line in the middle, is a chemical reaction)

See the matte?  Loves itttttt!!!

And these are the tiniest.  I just love what the colors did.  I will try to make more of these! 


I'm adding a new label for murrini.  :)

Lampworking day #283, Rings, and requests....

I made some new rings!  :)  These are all for sale!  $16  :)


And these beads for my mom, to match her earrings.  :)