Earrings for Orly

I loved making these unique earrings for Orly, who was there for the creation of these murrine, and who has made my life so much easier and wonderful, this school year. 

Fancy necklaces and beads

I just love making these simple, and elegant necklaces...

I'm actually suffering of amnesia right now.  Because I don't remember who has this!  Speak up if it's you...

This one is actually for sale, I'll be posting it on Etsy soon...

This one was a present for Ifi, to match a bracelet we gave her about a year earlier...

And this is my Pandora bracelet... with only two of my beads... it certainly needs more.  What colors do you think I should go for???

Green nature-y earrings for Kathryn

Earrings from panamom to Kathryn, with so much love.  

Shelley's hollow bead and tassel necklace!

Yes!  I have been working on my hollow beads and I learned how to make tassels!  With my friends Camila and Marianne.
This necklace was for my friend Shelley's birthday.  Hope she rocks it in Qatar!

Cute murrini necklaces and earrings

Para Susana :)

Look at this wonderful new necklace style!  I love it.

Para Stefania :)

Para Carla :)
De hecho cambié de parecer y monté estas cuentas en un collar negro de hule como el de arriba... 

Para Eva :)

Big-holed beads for Ifi

This post and a few upcoming ones are about Christmas gifts.  I am aware that it's been half a year, but I do like to keep this blog as a portfolio, to show off the things I make, whether I make the time to do it punctually or not.  This was my gift for my brother's adorable Greek girlfriend Ifi.  I like the whole blue Greek thing.