New additions. Stud earrings.

I did it!  I finally made stud earrings!  I've been reading about how to do them for a while now but was always too chicken to just make them.

I did give in to the epoxy though.  I would have liked to just melt them directly onto the silver, but I just can't figure out how to work on silver without having it melt and burn up on me.  So I made these on the end of mandrels and epoxied in the posts.  :)  It isn't the best look, but really, nobody will see that when you're wearing them.

These are up for sale on Etsy.

I love these so much!!!!!  Here's the Etsy listing.

And these are just tiny and cute.  Buy on Etsy.

 I also made these beads for a friend upon her request.  I like the combination!

And these earrings I made a few days ago but haven't shown them to you.  oops!  

They are also for sale on Etsy. 

I just love these filigree leafs that I bought from Sunset Gems.  That's where I buy a lot of silver.

Check out the swirl!

Hope you enjoyed!  I wish I could do this more often!


Photography studio time!

Check out what I've done for my lampwork photography studio!  hahaha... 

Yes, the light box is a repurposed garbage bin (new) and the lightsource is (unfortunately) random lamps from around my house.  The garbage bin has a really great interior finish with no texture or creases that gives me a really great "blank" environment for my beads.  Here's the light box label:

The results:

You can see my unfortunate lighting definitely creates a pinkish environment so obviously these pictures have to be retouched.  Then, after a little bit of Photoshop...

Ta-da!  Not so shabby!  Now I can take pictures of my work at ANY time!  But definitely my next purchase will be some more appropriate studio lighting, as long as I can get it for cheap!  I want some of those clip lamps so I can set this crap up anywhere.  

Let me know what you think and if you've tried anything similar.  :D