My sketchbook is in Brooklyn!

Hey guys! 

I just wanted to let you know that my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project is officially in!  It's currently in the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY!  :)

It totally sucks and is NOT worth checking out, but juuust in case... it's there!  So now you know.  Lol.  Pretty soon it will be visible digitally.  I will make sure to post the link here. 

Without giving too much away, I'll tell you something... it starts with an apology. 

Have a great day!

Lampworking day #271. Nela's earrings etc.

These are the matching earrings I told you about.  They match these beads.

I like this combination with pearls and garnet.  :)

Crackly looking ivory.  So awesome.  Best glass ever.

These are Alex's stepdads beads after being cleaned... I still haven't made the others.  I'm an awful person.

And these... THESE are two cute little puppies that snuck into our yard.  Sooo cute!  :)

Oh these are Carmen's beads after getting cleaned out as well.  Love 'em.

Have a great day!  :)

Lampworking day #270. Requests. And... things change.

Some things don't need to change.  For example, this picture:

I'm thinking that's going to keep happening.  Just out of fear of losing beads, which happens quite often.  Luckily this time, I didn't lose any of these.

These are all beads I made on request.  It's not the funnest of jobs and definitely one of the least creative ones... but I'm not going to turn down requests like these.  They are good PR.  ;)

This request is for a set of small beads.  The person requesting is going to use them in his own jewelry!  These are going to be mailed to the States once the rest of the beads are done.  (They are three sets and each has 1 focal, the focal for this set hasn't been made yet)

The big change I'm talking about is that I was in too much of a hurry to set up the white cloth to take the pictures on.  Today you get my dirty hands.  Sorry.  I don't like being late to work and I can only do this in the morning. 

This next request is for a pair earrings (That I just made before typing up this post.  Hopefully the pictures will be up soon as well.  I really like them.  They are super sophisticated...)  The earrings are for the same person who ordered these loose big-holed beads, but as a gift from a very special customer of mine ;) 

And finally, these are the exact opposite case as before.  This person got a pair of earrings (actually the prettiest I've made so far, in my humble opinion) for her birthday and she wanted to purchase matching beads to string on a necklace.  :) 

(Sorry that these are SUPER DIRTY in these pictures...)

Gosh I love beads with big holes.  I need to master this art...

Anyway I really hope you enjoyed these and I'm sorry that I've been lost like this lately.  It has definitely been a time for change. 
Hopefully I'll get back to regular programing soon!  I love you guys, I do.

Just as a quick update, I've been at my new job since Jan 19th.  I now work at an architectural design firm here in Panama city, at a stone's throw away from my old job (San Francisco), but seemingly light years apart in every possible sense.  That being said, I can't start bragging about how happy I am at my new job because that would seem like a negative towards my old job.  Let's just say they are SOOOOPER different from one another, and I was comfortable and happy at my old place of work in many ways, and now I'm really comfortable and really happy at my new job... in very different ways!  hahaha 
But yeah, things are going really well and I'm really excited because I get to actually design stuff now, which is what I've always wanted, and a big step in my career, and also I already made pretty good friends, and I adore my new boss.  He is a great person and mentor already. 
And I am SPENT!  The hours are long but good.  I'm having NO trouble going to sleep and LOTS of trouble getting up!  LOL.  You can guess the kind of toll this is taking on my lampworking, but I think when I finally get back into a routine then the lampwork will flourish again.  :)  (Also I'm thinking the creativity will spark up again)

As I said already, I love you guys.  Talk to you later.  :)