Fotos para Melissa

Estas son las fotos que tomé para una compañera del trabajo.  Fuimos con dos amigos, aquí el link de Mike.  Fue todo un éxito nuestra visita al Casco viejo.  Espero que les gusten.  Ofrezco mis servicios.  

Ya saben...                                                                                   ...

2012-04-06 Cuentas moradas para Elda

I made these beads as a special request from someone who has a Pandora bracelet to fill up with glass beads.  She already has a bunch of silver ones, but wants to fill the gaps in with different purple beads.  She only asked for 4 but this way she can choose the ones she wants and the rest I can sell individually.

  Which ones would you choose?

Personally, I love them all...

This one with the ribbon is my favorite.

Hope you liked them!