Man vs. Fire

"Hokay young man, I show you how to make fire."

"Hurry up."

"It's coming."

"No, seriously.  Hurry up."

"It's warm!  It's warm!."  "Um... no it's  not."

"Hombre!  Where is your fire???"


::grunt grunt grunt::  "let's burn some books"

(the matriarch returns to see how the men are doing, note the baby of the family in the background)

"haha... the men have failed.  And now it's going to rain."

"But it was fun."



  1. I dont like the colors of the real life we had worse weather which made it harder to make a fire jajajajajaja...but was still fun!

  2. totally right about the colors. makes it look like it was a beautiful day... hahaha which it wasn't.

  3. emmm veo que esto es disq en boquete, i believe... and i demand we either go there in december or to the beachhh....
    TE AMMOO.. i love your blog

    not so anonymous... MARI ODEZ


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