Earring frenzy...!

Yes, I went kind of on an earring frenzy.  I made these beads, and before I realized I hadn't taken pictures of the single beads... I had made earrings.  This is what happens when I'm on vacation, and on a mission.

All of the earrings pictures in this post are for sale in my Etsy store, and all revenue will go towards buying me a MacBook Pro... or maybe a fancy camera... or probably just go towards paying my bills... Whatever.  Just look at the pretty pictures.

Link to listing:  click here.  I call these Medusas, hehe...

Link to listing:  click here.

These next ones are super delicate but really feminine and fun!

Link to listing:  click here.

I'm not going to lie, I had fun making these shapes... Also I was scared I would ruin the beads, but thankfully I didn't.  (Fine I did ruin some beads that aren't pictured, but I'll write about that in the next post)

Link to listing:  click here.

Think of it, these beads should have been called... VOLUPTUOUS, lol!

These make me think of grownups... 

Link to listing:  click here.

love the shapes and bubbles

I cut up a silver chain for this next pair...  

Link to listing:  click here.

And last but not least!  :)  These are so cool... 

Link to listing:  click here.

I like the way the dragonflies hang...

So!  Seven earring pairs, how do you like it?  They are very different this time!  It's always a time for change.