Blue stud earrings with murrini, twisties, and goldstone.

These are pretty similar but actually they're slightly smaller in size, and the twisties are positioned differently...

The back side.  I glue these in with clear epoxy glue.

And well... these are just cute.

Earrings with twisties, goldstone, and murrini...

I've been working with goldstone recently, learning a little about it and incorporating it into some beads... Here are some examples and some other earrings I made with other beads I've made too...
These earrings have been on my Etsy store for a few weeks but I haven't updated this blog recently... some are no longer available though.  Check out the store for prices in case you're interested.  As always, I'm open to any questions and payment choices.  

I think this is my favorite murrini I've made so far.  The colors stay separate pretty well because of a ring of clear I added betwen the color dots.  (There are 5 layers total.)

(These next ones have no goldstone)  Carnelian red stones..

Cool murrini...

I love the bubbles... hehehe.  Not exactly on purpose but also not something I tried to avoid.

Actually I love this shape.  These are pretty awesome.  These are on Etsy.  The stones are amazonite if I'm not mistaken.

These I gifted to a very good friend.  :)

Actually these don't have goldstone either....

The bomb, if you ask me.

And finally some swirled glass beads.

I like the little ball theme in these lol.

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