Lampworking day #344. More purple.

On Saturday I made 6 more purple beads.

I really like these colors in lines encased in clear... like marbles... :D

Dark core and light stripes...

Light core and what I thought would be dark stripes... the dark glass was clear, so the color washed out.  Now I know. 

(There you can see the dark stripes)

I love layering dots on top of each other...

Nice six beads huh?

Here's the whole gang so far... still haven't made anything yet.  :)

Let me know what you think. 

Octavio made sushi. ::FACEPALM::

This is what the table looked like tonight when I got home from work at 8:00PM. 

Maxi came to the door and greeted me with "no hay comida"... Then I came into the kitchen and found this.

Apparently my brother decided he was going to make sushi. 
"This kind of explains this afternoon's conversation with my mom about what kind of wasabi to buy," I thought. 

The thing is... my brother has never cooked a meal in his life.  Not even salad.  Not even a sandwich.  Cereal is about as far as he'll get.  I don't think he adds milk.

Anyway so my mom and my brother went out this afternoon and bought all of the ingredients (actually what they thought were the ingredients, they didn't even bother with algae) and materials necessary to make sushi. 

And I guess as they were setting up or practicing, my mom ate all the meat for my sushi.  ::facepalm::

...that's the rice maker...

Hanging out in the kitchen... with complete disregard for other people's hunger status...

My dad eventually made himself some porotos... (kidney beans) ...while we waited for more sushi rice to be made...

Finally my brother rolls up some sushi... for my dad... who's already eating his kidney beans w/ the wrong kind of rice, in the dining room.  (Sorry if some pictures aren't super clear, I just refuse to use the flash)

Ay Octavio...

Octopus, avocado, and cream cheese...

You rooooll it up... and...


well, kind of...

The horrible and impossible part was cutting it. 

My dad eatting his "rice balls."

In the end this stuff was impossible to eat with ANY kind of eating utensil, hands, or other... the composition was awful.  But the ingredients were DELICIOUS!  Muuuuchhhh better than our local sushi restaurants.  NO JOKE.  We just need to get the rolling part down. 


I KIND OF look forward to the next sushi dinner... but I'm also scared.  Very, very, scared.

Lampworking day #318 very different earrings :)

Please tell me what you think of these in the comment section!  :)

The beads are different on the front and the back...

The loops are suuuper different...

These earrings aren't that different.  I just happened to make them on the same day.  The colors are fun though, I think.

Here you can see how long the earrings are. 

Good night!  :)