A time for change. IN HAIR!

Chopped my hair off.

First, let me explain something:  Every three years I chop all of my hair off.  It started when I was in the fourth grade and I've been doing it as a tradition ever since simply because I like change.  I get bored with my look very easily.  Last time I cut it was November 2006, when I was in college, and I donated it.  For a while I've known November was coming, so I was ready.

Ok, so this is what happened. 
In May I had the crazy idea to dye my hair blue.  I had a wedding though, and my the bride wanted everyone to wear white with a red detail.  I kept thinking of details I could wear, like replacing the belt in my dress, like a big flower... I didn't want to wear red earrings cause I didn't want to wear plastic jewelry... And then I thought... "I can put off the blue hair and I can dye it red for now.  I'll dye it blue when the red fades out."

This is how it turned out.  (that's me with renowned Panamanian folk singer, Sandra Sandoval)  It looked pretty cute actually, I really liked it.  I only dyed a part in the back so that the top of my head wouldn't look insane and it would be something easily concealable at the times I want to look like a decent human being...

Anyway then it started to fade. 

And it turned a pretty lame light pink.  This picture shows it about a month and a half later... it wasn't even that bad yet.  Later it got really fugly.  And I couldn't take it any longer and in August I dyed it blue!  The gays (nothing against gays) at the salon told me there was no way the blue would take unless I de-colored it some more.  So... I really wanted blue hair.  Anyway they decolored it.  And then they dyed it blue.  It wasn't blue.  It was light blue.  It didn't work.  So they tried another shade of blue.  And then it got even lighter!  My eyes were playing games on me!  They shook their heads and finally said, "what do you want to do?"  And I said, "I don't know!  It doesn't look good, I'll cut it off or something!" And of course I wanted to scream.  They said "OK, we'll try one third time and if it doesn't work then we'll think of something."  Luckily it worked.  (Luckily?  IDK.) 
And so I had blue hair. 

   Honestly I think it looked pretty cool. 

Here's the picture I put as my Facebook profile pic at the time.

Anyway that's the deal with the blue hair.  It looked cool... but it was the hardest thing to comb on earth.  I went from washing my hair every other day to washing my hair once every three days, because otherwise I knew I'd loose all of the hair in the back of my head in a week.  Every time I brushed my hair I'd get a handfull of blue hair.  Eventually I got a handfull of gray hair.  Then I got mad... cause not only the color was gross, but it felt like straw.  The ends were all split and disgusting and quite honestly, it embarassed me for other people to see it...  I felt and I still feel like a child.  Like a stupid adolescent.  Never doing that again! 


I chopped it off. 

Like a responsible grownup.  No reason to show other people our messes. 


Check out the braid on the counter. 
I'm donating the healthy part to Locks of Love, unless I can find a local place to donate it to. 

What do you think?  Leave it in the comments. 


Man vs. Fire II

Last night, Man was at last successful at fire-making.  (With limited assistance from Woman.)

And it was definitely a tasty fire.  :)

Man is happy.


Man vs. Fire

"Hokay young man, I show you how to make fire."

"Hurry up."

"It's coming."

"No, seriously.  Hurry up."

"It's warm!  It's warm!."  "Um... no it's  not."

"Hombre!  Where is your fire???"


::grunt grunt grunt::  "let's burn some books"

(the matriarch returns to see how the men are doing, note the baby of the family in the background)

"haha... the men have failed.  And now it's going to rain."

"But it was fun."


A time for new beginnings.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.  Right, Semisonic?
Over the past year... I've ended three beginnings. 

1. I graduated from college in December.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. 

(click on each picture to make it gynormous)
(that's me with my career and life advisor in the orange shirt, and my thesis advisor in the orange hair)

South Carolina was really beautiful.
Then I came back home to Panama. 

(That's me and 5 good friends from home.  Currently half of us are still living and working here.)
Then in February I started working at my old Elementary School.  I couldn't find a design job so I figured I was qualified and actually pretty excited to be an Art teacher.
That was definitely fun.  And incredibly enriching.

In April, I met someone incredible. 

(that's the night we met)

2.  Unfortunately the school only needed me until June.  So I was out on my butt.  I quickly looked for a job and ended back at the Contractor I had been doing my internships at during my College years.  They were a little hesitant to hire me because they weren't really looking.  But they gave me a chance and I worked at the construction of a Bank. 

(that's me in the construction site)

  THEN!  About two weeks ago, I got a mysterious phonecall to meet with the company owner.  He basically told me he had a new project and was needing someone for a very specific job.  3.  He took me out of my position in the bank construction and now I'm currently working in the administration of the construction of the first LEED building in Panama.  It's green.  And it's going to be incredible. 

(this is a shot of one of the first 10 piles being created... at that moment a 'cage' was being lowered into the giant hole before being filled with concrete... see it in the middle ground) 

I gotta be the environmental police, it's a 25 floor office building that takes up a whole block.  My job so far is somewhat stressing... but I think I'm off to a good start. 

There you go.  Three beginning's endings, and two new beginnings. 

Welcome to my blog. 

one two three four uno dos tres cuatro

Probando, probando. 

Actual content coming soon.  :)