Fashion Police? ...more like the best way to bring a person down.

I'm watching Fashion Police right now, on E! channel... seriously this is the most horrible show. 

But let me take you to this moment, first:
Last night I had a party on a boat.  WHAT do you wear to a party on a boat?  I was dying to wear a dress, since my legs are actually shaved.  I had the perfect white dress because the fabric was thick enough that it wouldn't blow in the wind.  Unfortunately I need to lose some weight to get back into the dress. 

Actually... this is a terrible picture to show you the dress in.

So, I tried something else on.  I tried on this dress:

It still looks this good, but the fabric wasn't right for boatwear...  So... what could I do???  I also tried this dress on:

(isn't my grandma adorable?)

But then of course the fabric was completely wrong for a boat!  So I tried on some leggings... and they looked ridiculous, like leggings always do.  And then since I was so stressed out my neck tightened up and I realized... wearing a halter top with a tense neck is a terrible idea!  So I scratched that dress altogether.

Finally... I threw on a pair of shorts, plum colored high heels, and... this shirt:

Now... for my makeup I used this set: Sephora.  Which... in my humble opinion, always looks perfect, and beautiful.  I love Sephora's eye shadows and nailpolish. 

I had to wear my glasses... because I'm getting eximer surgery soon, so I can't wear my contacts until then.  I had to tie my hair in a pony tail because the wind would be disastruous.  My hair is too short to tie in a proper ponytail, so that was equally disastruous.  I couldn't wear a proper lipstick because my hair would stick to my mouth.  And well... I couldn't wear the earrings I would have wanted because I was wearing glasses.  See... that's all the bullshit I went through to look 'decent'.  When I got there my friend ran up to me to tell me I looked gorgeous, and slim!  After feeling so insecure with my outfit and especially about my weight... I got a compliment!  PHEW.

Dressing up can be stressing!  ...I mean it wasn't even hectic!  Sure, I was in a hurry and thought the boat would leave me... but I've had far worse nights dressing up than last night.  So.  Back to Joan Rivers' stupid show...

They are sitting there saying how hideous and disgusting the most beautiful people look.  I mean... here's an example:

This is what Joan Rivers has to say:  "She planned to present an award and get examined by her gynecologist at the same time." 

Ok... so.  That's what she has to say about this?  I think she looks amazing!  I mean, her LEG IS BEAUTIFUL.  Sure... this dress is all about her leg... but she still looks ...just gorgeous.  I can't think of anyone more amazing than Jennifer Aniston and I mean... whatever, so she felt like wearing something thought provoking?  Kudos.  It's artistic.  It's always fashionable to be scandalous!

I bet Jennifer Aniston doesn't go through what I go through when I get dressed.  I'm sure she has a better selection.  I'm sure she fits perfectly and looks amazing in everything she owns.  I'm sure she has a pair of shoes for every dress ... Actually, I'm sure half of the things in her closet were designed for her body.  But I mean... she is still human.  Still a woman.  Still has imperfections.  Still has a self esteem issue.  ...The fact that there is an entire SHOW and an entire WEBSITE (no, I'm not going to link it) dedicated to speaking horribly about how people dressed up to an event... is INSULTING.  And nobody should encourage it.  I would hate... to go through the entire process of dressing up, to later watch how some brainless idiots with no talent other than the ability to ramble 'humorously' tear up my outfit.  That would KILL me!  Wouldn't it kill you?  Would a show about good fashion decisions only not get enough ratings?  Is blowing out someone elses candle making yours shine brighter?  It just makes you look like a horrible person. 

Dave Matthews Band - Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)

I had chills this morning as I listened to the lyrics of this song as I was driving to work...

Everybody wake up

If your living with your eyes closed
See the man with a bomb in his hand
Everybody wake up

Oh baby it's not easy sometimes
They build these walls ever higher and hide behind them
Seems an odd way to try and make things right
Oh I feel like I'm crazy sometimes

Our finest hour arrives
See the pig dressed in his finest fine
The believers stand behind him and smile
As the day lights up with fire

I Remember the words of the misguided fool
Do unto others as you'd have them do
Not an eye for an eye is the golden rule
Just leaves a room full of blind men

And the finest hour arrives
See the pig dressed in his finest fine
Don't believe him leave and stand behind him and smile
As the day lights up with fire

Here's a video, too.


beautiful lizzard appreciation day

Let's just take a minute out of our busy day to stop and look at some beautiful photos of lizzards.

by andabata at

by duduart at

by scapespot at

by ibartley at

by mattface at

by hannie85 at

by shiitakexxxx at ...well, you know.

by turis2gutz also at

I hope you enjoyed these.  I definitely did. 

Fuck you, Penguin.

If you're into wild animals ...actually if you hate wild animals too... this is the funniest blog I've seen in a while:


Dream about Dory

So... pretty sure I had a dream about Dory last night.  Swimming randomly without really knowing where she was going...



Much love.

What ever happened to "a time for change"???

I guess change is inevitable and something that just happens all the time.  ...that wasn't my idea though. 

My intention was to implement change and growth into my every day life.  To challenge routine.  To learn from new experiences.  To purge myself from the old. 

What ever happened to that mindset?  The new came, and I got used to it.  And I developed bad habits... like hitting snooze 3 times before waking up... Like getting home exhausted, having dinner, and going to bed.  Like killing time by checking out Facebook.  Whoa, hold up - KILLING TIME?  That's the worst thing ever.  Instead of doing something productive I killed time?  What ever happened to "a time for change"?!!  What about the "art" studio?  (Ok fine there's a reason 'art' is between quotation marks... but it really should never have been that way)  What about the artIST?!  Angst without art is like drama without a theatre. 

Absolutely unacceptable.

This has got to stop.  And it's got to get different again FAST.