up on Etsy now

I happily set up my little photography studio in Cali and photographed my current inventory.  Etsy is full of stuff right now.  Rings, dangle earrings, stud earrings, necklaces, beads, bracelets.

Here are some photographs of the work that is up there right now.  Follow the links to see prices in the store.  :)

Orange and green earrings:

I always try to get every angle so you can see every side, detail, transparency, etc...

(I like this picture because you can see the murrini from the inside of the bead and it looks completely different from what it looks like from the outside... remember you can click on the images to make them larger)

I clearly took these on a mug so I could show what they look like dangling... don't judge me... lol

I don't usually work with brown but when I do... it's... I'm not sure, is this brown or maroon?  Anyway it's a fun combination, love the swirled paint look on the beads and then the gems I added... and the sterling silver mandala beads in these are honestly my favorite.  I use them often.

The mug is not white, ok?  In case you were wondering.

My love for knitting...!  I love these necklaces... mostly I keep them and I have a bunch because I honestly love them... and I get plenty of compliments when I wear them.  I only started adding lampwork beads to them recently.  This one is on Etsy and I will be making and adding more soon.

Well you might remember these guys... :D    three different lengths

And this necklace has been around for a while; since Etsy now allows 10 pictures, I took some more detail shots to add to the listing.  It's pretty hard to take photos of larger things like necklaces in the tiny photography studio... I need to improve this obviously.  I want a model, also.

There is so much more... but it's enough for today.  :)

Also... I have Instagram news...

Glassblowing in Murano?!?!?

This actually happened.

As I wrote previously in the bochinche update, my dear husband Octo was studying in Spain for about 7 months recently.  I was very lucky to be able to visit him over the Christmas break and also to travel.  We went to Venice, Paris, Copenhagen, and of course Barcelona.  We took soooo many pictures and compiled a small Facebook album.  Honestly it was a beautiful trip, like a second honeymoon.
Octo took about a thousand pictures of me in Murano at the glassblowing class I was able to take!  He did so well.  Those pictures I reserved for this blog and didn't touch them until now.

This actually happened.  It's been about 8 months and it's still pretty much surreal to me.

Obviously going to Murano was a dream of mine, but I never expected to be able to take a class.  I just kind of expected to watch demonstrations and get to know the place and maybe purchase some glass.  I only scheduled to be there for 3 nights.

Also, I didn't realize how long a class would be or how much practice I needed to understand each concept. ... One day I'll go and be there for like a month as I should.

Davide Penso was gracious enough to schedule me in for a class on December 21st.

Davide was basically born with a torch in his hands in Murano.  I explained to him that I was an "advanced beginner" and basically learned everything through trial and error.  He described my form as wild but confident enough with the medium that he wouldn't correct me too much.  We went straight to glassblowing.

He demonstrated and explained a few times and basically let me get to work.  Guiding me along the way.

One of the first awesome things he taught me was how to swing and hold the cane to blow.

Blowing was/is extremely challenging for me.  I would blow my lungs out and no bubble would come out.

And I would have to reheat...

Davide would start yelling at me to blow or the glass would get cold.

Sufla sufla sufla!!!    ...Es frío. 

Davide's assistant Corina was also working there with me and she was lovely.


Es frio. 

You can tell it's really hot when it glows like this.

Then you make the neck with the scissors.

And blow again.

Hours later...  check out all of my attempts on the table..

Davide was also working, and we were having great laughs listening to Will Smith music from like all of his movies...

It was pretty much hilarious.

Here you can see all of the balls I'd made, both good and terrible, broken, etc.  And Davide's store in the background.  If you're ever in Venice, you must check it out.  He's right in front of the Museum's Vaporetto stop.  Also if you click here you can Google Maps it.

Click to enlarge.

Removing from cane on hot fingers...

Yes I actually have my hair down and am wearing like 4 layers of clothing.  These pics are from December 22nd, Davide said I could come again the next day until noon.  I was soooo hooked.  That night I barely slept.

Davide smiling and doing demos.  I love him so much!!

Silver foil.

And... That's it!

Here we are together at the end and Davide is all fancy because he's going to his children's Christmas event afterwards.  His work behind us, is so incredibleee..  He made us a blue glass which we treasure so muchhh.

And here are some pictures of Venice and Murano that I took.

Venice is ridiculously good looking.

Photo in front of the glass museum in Murano.  Can you spot the murder scene?

Just gorgeous.