Lampworking day #354. Wire loops and cooky birds.

I made three new earring pairs on Tuesday!  Trying out something different.  :)  Let me know if you think these are cool!  :)

Super colourful!  Do they remind you of anything? 

Then with these I wanted to kind of continue the same idea of the wire loop from the previous pair, but in a different way...  (upside down)  These are very different from one another.  The loops are somewhat different sizes, for starters, and then also one has 5 beads and the other has 3.  The small purple beads are garnett.  Everything else is obviously sterling silver and glass. 

And last but certainly not least... COOKY BIRDS! 

The birds were very carefully crafted in glass!  The clear cubic beads are citrine. 

So full of character... these will be up on Etsy soon. 

Their little tails.

And with that... I go.  I hope you enjoyed.

Much love!