Lampworking day #144. Candy ring and beads for Nela.

Candy ring made to match these beads.  With colors picked out by Paola.

(It's yellow on the inside)

And these are the beads I made for Nela!  :)  She picked out the colors herself.  To be honest I never would have thought of that combination.  And wow, I LOVE it! 

Lampworking day #143. Two new pairs of earrings. :)

(These aren't on Etsy or Facebook yet...)

Lampworking day #142. Rings, first clear hollow bead, and earrings.

These beads weren't clean when I took the pics (they are now).  I appologize for that.  You'll see these rings for sale on etsy soon!  :) 


Check out it's matching spacer beads... :)  Necklace, I'm thinking.  :)

This one's for a little wire ring. 

(flat on one side)

These are for earrings...  (I love the amber ones)

These earrings!  Are for a special gift.  ;)

Mirrory beads... :)