Earring weekend :)

I got inspired this weekend and made 7 earring pairs!  I will show you 6 of them.  ;)  Buy these on my Etsy page.  

These last ones are NFS, I made these for myself to wear to promote my work!  :)

And these ARE for sale!  :)  They will be up on Etsy as well.  

Accidental Easter beads

I was just using pretty colors... and easter happened.  lol  I actually made these on easter!  Maybe it was in the back of my mind.  Anyway... I'm thinking bracelet or necklace.  I need to get back on my Etsy!  

Beads with murrini part 2

This first one is clear, somewhat the same pattern as the previous beads.  I made this one bead for my photography teacher and friend, who came over to my house to watch me work.  :)

Playing with colors...

Playing with colors again.  One of these beads cracked somehow, unfortunately, so I will be fusing it.