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Feliz Juernes!  

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In Panama we have a long weekend because of Independence Day on Sunday, so the sale ends Monday night.

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Colorful beads with special shapes... taken with my new camera.

I got a new camera last week and I'm still learning how to use it.  I'm hoping the picture quality improves a little.  The sun wasn't really on my side for the first few pictures... also I think I need to buy a better lense.  Some of these are a little blurry.  ...Anyway, the beads are awesome.  Hope you enjoy.  Also, new earrings are up on the Etsy shop.

I love the colors on this one and the mirrory part.

Silhouette beads... The shape came out awesome and I love the colors too.
Check out these similar ones that are on earrings and for sale already.

As you can see they aren't exactly the same but I think that's pretty cool.

I love these next ones!


There's only one for this next one.  (The other one, sadly, got stuck to the mandrel and couldn't be saved)

However, it matches these beads... so I'm thinking I can make something together... I'm thinking of a pendant that can go with these earrings.   

Hope you enjoyed!