A time for new beginnings.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.  Right, Semisonic?
Over the past year... I've ended three beginnings. 

1. I graduated from college in December.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. 

(click on each picture to make it gynormous)
(that's me with my career and life advisor in the orange shirt, and my thesis advisor in the orange hair)

South Carolina was really beautiful.
Then I came back home to Panama. 

(That's me and 5 good friends from home.  Currently half of us are still living and working here.)
Then in February I started working at my old Elementary School.  I couldn't find a design job so I figured I was qualified and actually pretty excited to be an Art teacher.
That was definitely fun.  And incredibly enriching.

In April, I met someone incredible. 

(that's the night we met)

2.  Unfortunately the school only needed me until June.  So I was out on my butt.  I quickly looked for a job and ended back at the Contractor I had been doing my internships at during my College years.  They were a little hesitant to hire me because they weren't really looking.  But they gave me a chance and I worked at the construction of a Bank. 

(that's me in the construction site)

  THEN!  About two weeks ago, I got a mysterious phonecall to meet with the company owner.  He basically told me he had a new project and was needing someone for a very specific job.  3.  He took me out of my position in the bank construction and now I'm currently working in the administration of the construction of the first LEED building in Panama.  It's green.  And it's going to be incredible. 

(this is a shot of one of the first 10 piles being created... at that moment a 'cage' was being lowered into the giant hole before being filled with concrete... see it in the middle ground) 

I gotta be the environmental police, it's a 25 floor office building that takes up a whole block.  My job so far is somewhat stressing... but I think I'm off to a good start. 

There you go.  Three beginning's endings, and two new beginnings. 

Welcome to my blog. 

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