October earrings - LOVE (and peace)

These three earring pairs were made for pretty special occasions!

1.  Ximena Mallol's wedding.  I made these for my friend Ximena.  These earrings are certainly different from everything I've made.  Ximena is certainly different from anyone I know, as well!  I LOVE these.  

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2.  Gaby Vallarino's wedding.  One of my best friends from college got married as well.  I made these earrings for her.  And went to deliver them in Guayaquil, Ecuador!  Gaby made a beautiful bride and was so cute and even wore these earrings while she was trying on her wedding dress!  What an HONOR!  I LOVE her!

Love is all you need. 

3.  Isabela Cuesta's birthday!  Isabela is my college lil' sis.  I wasn't with her for her birthday because she lives in Guayaquil!  But I got to stay with her when I went to visit for Gaby's wedding.  I'm so glad she loved the earrings!  I can't even begin to explain how grateful I was to be able to stay in her house for a week and get to meet her beautiful family and get taken everywhere by her and her mom and meet  her friends.  Honestly I can't wait to go back.  I felt so at home.

I chose these dove charms for Isabela because she is PEACE. 

(love the twisties getting swirled)

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