My very FIRST Christmas ornament!!!

I MADE A CHRISTMAS BALL!  I have been wanting to make christmas balls since forever.  I daydreamed about it for so long... the story about how I finally was able to do it is fodder for a very LONG and texty post.  But I have a feeling you're just here for the pictures... 

For those of my friends who know nothing about glass working basically what I did is I melted some glass onto the end of this plaster covered hollow mandrel (read stainless steel straw), decorated, and when the glass was hot enough, blew.

Of course since this is my very first one, it is crooked, small, and cracked.  See my very first bead and very first murrini, if you haven't yet.  This ball is beautiful for a first!  hahaha  It even has murrini.... hahaha  wow.

My mom is still going to put it on the tree hahaha next to the polymer clay and yarn ornaments I made when I was 3.  I, LOVE, HER.

From this angle it looks amazing.

Anyway, I can't wait to make more!  I can't wait to make them bigger, better, stronger!  Faster!  More than ever hour after our work is never over... 

Murrini adventures...

These are the latest murrini I've made... :)

I like the little stripes...

These I don't love too much... They're too detailed and when they melt you won't be able to appreciate anything...

These are so fun, I made these for christmas.  Hopefully if I make christmas balls I'll put these on them... :D

I made the peppermint ones and these next ones today.  They're so fun, aren't they?  I'm getting a little better at this I think.

Bracelet love

My mother has a newfound bracelet love for my store.  So every time it's present time, it's bracelet time for her...  Her friends are so lucky!  I want a bracelet like this too!   (lol how stupid am I, I should just make one)  So this tells me it's time to stock up on bracelets for christmas.  (I should be making bracelet beads right now!!!)

But anyway, here's one she gave one of her best girlfriends.  I hope you love it like I do.

My mom asked me to use dark colors for this bracelet, but I went ahead and used contrast instead.  Her friend is kind of a blonde, so I used blondish colors... hehehe I looove these.  

I love the stones I used for this.  Rhodolite, citrine, and jade.  Very cute.

October earrings - LOVE (and peace)

These three earring pairs were made for pretty special occasions!

1.  Ximena Mallol's wedding.  I made these for my friend Ximena.  These earrings are certainly different from everything I've made.  Ximena is certainly different from anyone I know, as well!  I LOVE these.  

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2.  Gaby Vallarino's wedding.  One of my best friends from college got married as well.  I made these earrings for her.  And went to deliver them in Guayaquil, Ecuador!  Gaby made a beautiful bride and was so cute and even wore these earrings while she was trying on her wedding dress!  What an HONOR!  I LOVE her!

Love is all you need. 

3.  Isabela Cuesta's birthday!  Isabela is my college lil' sis.  I wasn't with her for her birthday because she lives in Guayaquil!  But I got to stay with her when I went to visit for Gaby's wedding.  I'm so glad she loved the earrings!  I can't even begin to explain how grateful I was to be able to stay in her house for a week and get to meet her beautiful family and get taken everywhere by her and her mom and meet  her friends.  Honestly I can't wait to go back.  I felt so at home.

I chose these dove charms for Isabela because she is PEACE. 

(love the twisties getting swirled)