Bubble necklaces

So, I can finally say I am SO excited about hollow beads!  I'm allll about the bubble necklaces.  These will all be up on etsy soon.  Some already are.  

This is like... my FAVORITE ONE!  Love it so much.  I call it Earth Fire and Water.  Buy it.

Just love this plum color.


This orange lauscha bead is my favorite bead... it's pretty huge, and the color is stunning.

You know that I love these colors.  They are my wedding colors, after all.

Yes I will keep talking about color... These are the original colors that I used when I started this blog.  Orange and blue is such a cool combination.  Also check out the goldstone in the murrine beads...

A more neutral pallet...  And this bead does not look so hollow, but it is.  The color is brown normally but against the light it is like magenta... 

No, these photos are not black and white.  These beads are actually dark gray, and yes, the center bead is hollow.