Lampworking day #199. The ivory necklace.

I made this necklace out of some of my favorite beads which I made a long time ago, as well as some new beads I made especially for it.  I really like making these beads because they're great for practicing with lines and dot placement... which is still kind of a challenge, I'm nowhere near being an expert yet. 

As always, everything is sterling silver.  This is definitely a unique necklace. 

Also some wirework practice.  Do you like what I did here?

And a matching ring?!?!?!?!!!! 

This will be up on my store pretty soooon!!! :D

Stuff for sale!

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Lampworking day #196. The cherry slip necklace.

I posted these beads back in June.  FINALLY, I made them into a necklace.  I definitely need more chain, so I can make more necklaces more often.  :)  I'm going to say, it's kind of a pain to make, but that's ok because the results are awesome! 

I hope you love this necklace. 

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I'll be your model for today...