Earrings for Alexandra.

I made these earrings for my friend Alexandra, who got married on 30-12-2011.  I tried to make them as pretty as her.  I hope you like them.

I like the sheen on these beads.

"Will they look good on her?"

Open house 2 (Paola's first glass bead)

Paola and Isabella came over on the first day of the year to check out the studio.  Paola got to make a bead!      (unfortunately, I was having technical difficulties with the bead release, and her bead didn't make it; neither did most of the beads I made.)

She decided she wanted her bead to hang on one side.

And added a silver dot to it.

It was pretty, Pao.  I'm sorry.

(for size comparison)

Susana's bracelet

I made this bracelet to match these earrings.  (Click here to see the full post for the rest of the pictures of those earrings)

(I just love these dots and the contrasty twisty in the next picture)

This bracelet is actually pretty affordable, let me know if you're interested in getting one like it.  :)