It's Moo!

It's like a cow's opinion!

JK they're actually the awesome company that does my printing for Pincel de Fuego, and I swear this is not an advertisement for them... I'm just excited about new stickers and plans.  

So... I bought packaging for Cali and put the little round stickers on all the little containers and ran out of stickers.  
I went online to print new stickers and oh man, it was Black Friday!  So I kind of went all out designing new stickers and I decided I was fiiiinally going to try their sticker books with adorably tiiiny stickers too.  
Have you seen my proper website  Well anyway now everything is gathered there, so that's all the information needed for my new stickers!  I kind of wish I'd put the link in the small stickers too, but I kind of made those in a hurry, so next time.  

I ordered from their US store straight to Cali Colombia, and the order arrived SO fast!  Like less than a week.  I didn't have to order to Florida and forward to Panama and pay extra shipping or anything insane like that.  It literally got to my door.  I love Colombia.  Fuck you Panama, I'm never coming back.  JK of course I'll be back in July.

So cute!  I got super excited and started sticking them around right away and made super cute Christmas wrap.

ooooh, shiiiny - I LOVE this paper which I got at Bodegas IlusiĆ³n. 

Another thing I got excited about is that now Moo offers a sample pack, which is free and since I was already placing an order, I just added it on.  (It bumped my shipping fee by $0.75... which is not the end of the world)  Basically the sample pack is a pack of the business cards they make in most of the variations possible.  So you can physically appreciate the format, the quality of the paper, glossiness, etc.  And they're beautiful.  
This gave me the bright idea to change the format of the cards I've been using.  If you've seen my work, you've seen my tiny business cards with different pictures of my work on them.  ... well you might have also seen the little fliers I made a couple of years ago.  Anyway..  seeing the sample pack and comparing it side to side with my fliers gave me the idea to make new cards.  
And the next day I basically woke up and knew what I would do, and began sketching.  

See... in the sample pack they included these three cards... which demonstrate the textures they offer, which I haven't used before with the mini cards.  


So I took a 6H pencil and hatched in the parts which I'm going to want to be raised gloss...  I'm excited, but I'm not making these until I need them.  Because, economy.  And other reasons.

Fun times!  I really liked their square cards and the sample pack experience in general.