Christmas earrings...

These are all of the earrings I gifted for Christmas.  

Ok except for these, these were bought and gifted by my mom to one of my aunts.  

The colors are amazing.  Special thanks to Sarah Hornik for writing think pink!

These I made for my grandma. She loves green!

These are really different from everything I've made so far, and I made them for my boyfriend's mom.  I've seen her in them twice already!  So cool.

I love the silver glass...

These next ones I made for my boyfriend's sister.  They're a lot like the earrings above but in different colors...

I made these for my mom, to match this bracelet.  

And these last ones I made for an aunt.  I love the clear.

Kelly's bracelet

This is a bracelet I made for my friend Kelly, upon her request.  Her boyfriend gave it to her for christmas.  :)

Christmas bracelet for Efi

I made this delicate bracelet as a christmas present for my brother's girlfriend, Efi.  

See these two pictures above for the... polarizer filter!  hahaha see the difference between the two?  That's what the polarizer filter does!