2011-02-05... latest earrings, beads, and rings

Made these black earrings on special request for my friend Susanna... 

Love these beads... this set is (finally) up for sale on Etsy.  Check out  my awesome camera skillz.  lol.


Love the perfectness of the shapes...

a splash of color

This next set is so unique.  The mixture of clears and milky colors and the way the dots and swirlies get wonky... is awesome.  This set is different from others because it is an even number of beads... but the beads are anything but even.  See Etsy for listing.

The colors are muted, but the shapes, are NOT.

This is the tiniest ring by far.  Size 3.  With my favorite colors and flattened protrusions.
I don't recommend gifting rings like this to children, as they will very likely drop them and break them.  My glass works are digitally annealed in order to ensure they wont spontaneously shatter, but they are ultimately made out of glass, and WILL break if dropped, or if pressed in any way.  [I broke one while cracking my knuckles :'( ]  I recommend this ring for an adult with skinny fingers.  :)

I made this next ring with a coworker in mind.  She wants a big ivory ring.  Dunno if it's quite gynormous enough for her taste, but I really like the subtleties in the glass...