Put a stop to your postal spam!

How many of us get CRAP in the mail we don't even take a second to look at?  How much of it goes straight in the garbage?

Put a stop to it.  That is the BIGGEST waste of paper EVER.

If you live in the U.S, getting rid of this crap is a lot easier.  Visit this site:

Pranav Mistry's Sixth Sense technology

This might be ...nay, IS, the smartest invention I've ever heard of.  Watch how Pranav Mistry teaches us how to be human again through his sixth sense technology.  It is MIND BLOWING.

Click here now.  Brought to you by TED.  Brought to me by my boyfriend's grandfather.  No joke. 

Click here to visit Pranav's website. 

More images of a huge hole in the ground

Yeah... did you know some people don't enjoy the sound of jackhammers at 7 AM?  We figured this out on Saturday morning.  Facepalm.