Lampworking day #199. The ivory necklace.

I made this necklace out of some of my favorite beads which I made a long time ago, as well as some new beads I made especially for it.  I really like making these beads because they're great for practicing with lines and dot placement... which is still kind of a challenge, I'm nowhere near being an expert yet. 

As always, everything is sterling silver.  This is definitely a unique necklace. 

Also some wirework practice.  Do you like what I did here?

And a matching ring?!?!?!?!!!! 

This will be up on my store pretty soooon!!! :D

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Lampworking day #196. The cherry slip necklace.

I posted these beads back in June.  FINALLY, I made them into a necklace.  I definitely need more chain, so I can make more necklaces more often.  :)  I'm going to say, it's kind of a pain to make, but that's ok because the results are awesome! 

I hope you love this necklace. 

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I'll be your model for today...

Lampworking day #180. Finally beads. Finally Lauscha? Finally.

I've grown accostumed to taking these pictures in fear that they'll crack after coming off the mandrels.  ...

Luckily they almost always make it now.  Here's the size comparison to a dime: 

These brown beads are all from Fire Lady's Lauscha hand picked rods.  She was kind enough to tell me all about this special glass and teach me some gorgeous combinations such as this one.  This one she calls "Milky Way" and it's just gorgeous.  I threw in some Lauscha Cocoa to add a little contrast.  I like this.  A lot.  I bet it would also look awesome with aqua or pink... That might be in the cards soon. 

Do you like these?  They should be up on Etsy next week hopefully. 

These are definitely for earrings... These are that Lauscha Cocoa again.  They are probably as dark as you see in the picture here. 

I made this ring to match.  I think it's too peachy for my skin tone (olive) and it would probably match nicer on a whiter or darker hand. 

This ring I made KIND OF on a request.  A friend asked for a ring to match the individual beads she bought and she wanted it to be very chunky.  As I kept adding the glass for the ring to get bigger, I kept changing the color and I might have gotten a little carried away.  I would understand if she didn't like it, but I really do.  There are so many details and places to get lost in... I think it's super interesting and fun.  It's like a little glass painting.  :)  Enjoy.

Lampworking day #149. Amber earrings.

I just love the colors and texture in these earrings.  I think the pictures really don't do them justice. 

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