Lampworking day #4. A murrini miracle!

After my disappointment yesterday in realizing that I need to buckle down and invest in a kiln, I decided that this wasn't going to stop me.  Perhaps I need to take a little break from beads until I can ensure that they won't crack and go to waste.  In the meantime I'll get into making murrini, which are beautiful and don't need to be annealed.  :)  Also this practice will help me improve my motor skill. 

Upon watching this video I decided I was ready and I could pull this off. 

This is definitely not perfect but considering my previous results I am more than happy with this.  In fact: I was really nervous because I kept hearing the rod crack as I made this murrini and having to flash it in and out of the flame in order to reattach it and I was almost certain my murrini was going to fall and break into a million pieces at any moment.  I was literally shaking because I was so nervous.  When I succeded, I took this picture:

(You can't see it very well but I am holding up the cane in triumph)

Check out the cane!

Yep, I call that a success.  Let's admire it for a moment...

And finally, my murrini!!!

They're kind of like millefiori but I don't feel cool enough to call them that yet.  They're definitely not perfect but I really love the colors.  Next time I will make them a little thicker (they're really tiny)  and also I'm heading out this afternoon to find a better cutter.  I didn't finish cutting the whole cane cause I do have hopes that with a better cutter these can turn out even prettier.  Did you notice the little red dot in the middle?  I used a special glass for that.  :)  I'm so proud of my baby murrinis... :)

Third time's the charm.  :)

Definitely need a better cutter and a kiln.  But I'm really motivated.  These things won't hold me back.  I am the captain of this ship.

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