Mother's day earrings

These were for my beautiful neighbor Querube, who had her first mother's day with her 2mo old treasure.  She really wanted white, so I've been experimenting with that color... 

Yes, I think they kind of look like Mentos.

And these I made for my grandma, who I don't think I had made something for yet?  Anyway.... I love them.  It takes a lot of confidence to make earrings like these because they are so easy to mess up.  Because they are large and thin, it's easy to crack them by accident by letting them cool down too fast, and also the symmetry is very tricky.  It took 3 tries to get these 2 to come out... which means I'm getting a lot better at controlling heat. for those striking colors... I was just lucky.

bracelet and beads

Check these out...  these are for sale. 

 I love this bracelet!  

White large big-holed beads with lots of new murrine in romantic colors... (Fits Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll, etc...)

Recent earrings... :)

Most of these are gone by now but some are for sale... they'll show up on Etsy soon unless they disappear during the Christmas whirlwind...  I'll identify them in case you're interested.  

I still have these: