Christmas sale at Steinbock 2011

So this post is about the sale last Saturday/Sunday which we had at Steinbock...  It was pretty cool.  I got to meet all sorts of people, and donated 15% of my sales to the Brown Home, which is a shelter for the elderly.  

The first day I didn't get such a good table.  It was definitely perfect for my soap-selling friend, because of the location, but I didn't have enough light here for people to see the details of my glasswork.  

I got to make these stands for my earrings at work with the laser cutter!  :)

I sold some loose beads.  Definitely bad lighting.  Super blurry pictures...

This is my friend Chabela Sicz.  She makes textile jewelry.  She is such a pleasant friend and her work is absolutely incredible.  I definitely want a collection of her necklaces.  So far I have one and two hairclips.  hehe... check out some pictures of her work:

(^Actually this is the necklace I bought^ lol)

Hairclips!  Love them.

Hairband with fabrics which are commonly used by Kuna Indians.

More hairbands...

...closeup of necklaces...

Santa sighting!

The next day I was at an outside booth... MUUUUCH better lighting.  Octo was a great salesman.


I liked this setup a lot better...

In case anyone wanted to know how beads are made...

Cool earrings...

...and my store sign...

Love these pictures of this boy with Santa...

Santa was very attentive as the boy told him all about how good he was this year.  Awwww

Merry Christmas y'all. 

Pandora style beads, in browns and pinks.

Hey guys, I made these beads last week, but as I'm sure you relate... it's been wild.  Anyway... take a look around.  
These beads are definitely for sale but certainly not on Etsy now.  Let me know if you're interested. They sell for $5 each.  (the ones with protrusions go for $6) 

I really love the smoothness and dimples on these beads... Good shapes!

The three beads like the one that is in focus in this next picture are actually not part of the set but they don't clash that much, so I've included them in the pictures.  I'm very probably going to make a set with those colors (muted greens purples and yellows... I like the contrast and lack of it at the same time)

Meanwhile, did you see that pink line?  I love it.  I have about 2" left of that rod, and I'm not sure what it's called in order to get more.  Any lampworkers out there reading this who can leave it in the comments?  This pink is clear ... is it rubino?

I think I'm going to use these last ones for making a new banner for my Facebook page and/or Etsy page.

Hope you enjoyed!



December calls for...more Pandora style beads

Made with Lauscha glass... currently for sale.  $5 each... not on Etsy yet.

Shots with my new camera.  :D  Still thinking I need another lense or a lightbox, but this is a pretty sweet picture huh?

Let me know if you're interested?