Beads as supplies...

Here is a set I made to match a dress I have.  Eventually I thought it was too matchy matchy to wear together and I never made the necklace.  I'm selling these as supplies, instead.  As much as I hate to part with these, I'm not going to make the necklace.  I have more beads like these that will also be for sale tomorrow at Tántalo at the Design Soirée.  I will also be updating my Etsy store after tomorrow's event depending on what sells and what doesn't.  

Visita de Hernan, algunas fotos

I had my photographer friend Hernan Santos come over for a glass demo... He took some pictures, but I was especially non photogenic that day, so these were just 6 of the pictures he took lol... 

Making some basic beads on my Hot Head torch.

Laying down stripes for yellow and black murrini...

Melting it all down on my Mega Minor torch

I love this one, it's my cover photo on my page on Facebook.

Melting.  Torches side by side...  Check out the fingernails too hahaha

Awesome pic of my flame lol...

Sunflower earrings for my cousin Julie

I made these earrings as surprise for a cousin who recently discovered me.  She is a second cousin on my dad's side.  She's the granddaughter of my grandfathers twin.  Yes.  

Anyway, that same night we started talking she bought this ring from me on a Friday, and I couldn't help but improvise some sunflower murrini (sunflowers are her favorite), make the beads and earrings, and ship the whole thing that Monday.  The stones are citrine and as always the metal is sterling silver.  

Blue stud earrings with murrini, twisties, and goldstone.

These are pretty similar but actually they're slightly smaller in size, and the twisties are positioned differently...

The back side.  I glue these in with clear epoxy glue.

And well... these are just cute.