Gabi the painter

Gabi the painter has been hiding.

When Gabi the painter started this blog in 2009 she didn't really know what she was doing, she needed a place to ramble randomly and didn't like Facebook notes, she wanted a place to post fun pictures and be able to write and do funny things with links... And a place to post fun pictures.

(he will ask me to take this down in 3... 2...)

Gabi the painter had recently graduated from college and was fresh with technical skill and art ideas from the classes she'd taken.  She didn't yet feel like an intruder in her parent's home, and wasn't feeling burned out from the ridiculous work that was ahead of her.  And she painted a few times, and posted about it...
And then Gabi the painter, like, died?  You know, shit happens.

👻  But now she's back!  And she's painting.  And drawing.  And she has this new modern thing called "Instagram", with upwards of 500 followers!  Which doesn't seem like a lot but it kind of is.  And is doing commission work, for people who love her work.  Who knew!

And this so-called "art studio" blog kind of returns to it's roots, because I want to paint, and I HAVE NO STUDIO.  Lol.  I'm desperate to go home and have a studio.  But this time, I will actually paint in it, AND melt glass.  Possibly even at the same time!  Who knows.  But I'm back, bitches.

Here's one more pic, because I can.  More on that later.

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