Sunday with dad...

Well, I actually got around to painting something.  It's been forever and a day.  I probably chose the worst time ever to paint, but at least I painted, and having done that feels good.  Whether I enjoyed the activity or not.  I feel accomplished. 

I don't love the painting I'm working on, but it has great potential.  I guess, I don't love it yet

Anyway here's the reason I can't paint on Sundays...  my dad thinks he can paint too. 

Check him out here.  He's not absolutely terrible.  He actually sells paintings, what can I say... 

This was my view while painting.

Let's just mix up a little paint...

And OMG she has a face!!!  Instantly.

And so does she... and he... well, not so much.

I absolutely love the colors of her face.  She matches with my blog, too...  is it a coincidence?

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