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I happily set up my little photography studio in Cali and photographed my current inventory.  Etsy is full of stuff right now.  Rings, dangle earrings, stud earrings, necklaces, beads, bracelets.

Here are some photographs of the work that is up there right now.  Follow the links to see prices in the store.  :)

Orange and green earrings:

I always try to get every angle so you can see every side, detail, transparency, etc...

(I like this picture because you can see the murrini from the inside of the bead and it looks completely different from what it looks like from the outside... remember you can click on the images to make them larger)

I clearly took these on a mug so I could show what they look like dangling... don't judge me... lol

I don't usually work with brown but when I do... it's... I'm not sure, is this brown or maroon?  Anyway it's a fun combination, love the swirled paint look on the beads and then the gems I added... and the sterling silver mandala beads in these are honestly my favorite.  I use them often.

The mug is not white, ok?  In case you were wondering.

My love for knitting...!  I love these necklaces... mostly I keep them and I have a bunch because I honestly love them... and I get plenty of compliments when I wear them.  I only started adding lampwork beads to them recently.  This one is on Etsy and I will be making and adding more soon.

Well you might remember these guys... :D    three different lengths

And this necklace has been around for a while; since Etsy now allows 10 pictures, I took some more detail shots to add to the listing.  It's pretty hard to take photos of larger things like necklaces in the tiny photography studio... I need to improve this obviously.  I want a model, also.

There is so much more... but it's enough for today.  :)

Also... I have Instagram news...

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