Last sale at the Met...

Here are some nice pictures I took for my last sale at the Met... where I used to work as an art teacher for grades 3-6

I used them for a mass email I sent out. It had an invitation and then said "Scroll down to see pictures of some of the items that I have for sale that are under $30. ...And I have more stuff too in other prices.
All glass pieces are made by me by melting colored glass rods over a flame (this technique is called lampworking), and all metal parts are 925 sterling silver.
"  The email had the pictures with explanations and prices to entice buyers hehehe

loose beads that fit on collectible charm bracelets (Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, Biagi, etc.) $4-$8 depending on size/complexity
sterling silver chains sold separately $24

Hungry Caterpillar necklace $35

dangle earrings $26-30

rings $17

stud earrings $23-$29

actually not attached to the email because it was over $30... also it got sold!  yay

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