Aunt Diane's string necklace order!

June 2014

So... Diane Guevara was going home for the summer to visit her family in Nebraska and ordered SEVEN necklaces!  Her order was so cute.  She wanted:  Two neutral necklaces, one hungry caterpillar, and four fun ones.  I'm not going to post them in that order but you can probably figure it out... :)

The Very Hungry Caterpillars

June 2014

Ok so I was inactive from January to June 2014.  I call it... My first semester of my masters, and wedding crunch time.  It wasn't a good time for beads or for anything at all.  Dark times.  Lol.

It was also my last semester working with my favorite coworkers so far.  No offense to my previous coworkers whom I also love dearly...and who I gave some christmas balls earlier... But this team.  Seriously.  So much love for my Pk teacher friends.  So, I decided to make them all hungry caterpillar necklaces.  14 of them.  I worked my butt off.  And my cousin Nina... (not pictured for some reason) who cleaned all of these beads.  She was THE GREATEST.

Making sure the colors were distributed fairly....

Oh.  And I made them in a huge fucking hurry.  So you get a picture of ONE necklace.

Oh and I made one for myself...

So proud.  Awwww


Oh!  And see another picture of a hungry caterpillar necklace here

Special rings and necklaces

I made these matching rings and necklaces for some special girlfriends for a very special occasion... and also as Christmas presents.  

Sue Stabler's huge string necklace order!

So.  In a previous post I told you about a huge Christmas sale.  People just bought loose beads and made their own necklaces.  Aside from how cute they were, I think it was a huge success because I wasn't really making jewelry, I was just selling people the beads, which made the "necklaces" really affordable.  One of my favorite teachers took advantage, and 3 days before christmas asked me to make EIGHT necklaces!  ...I had no beads!!!  So of course... I got to work.

I made a shitload of beads........

So pretty!

So many colorful necklaces...

This one especially pleased Ms. Stabler...

And this one was a popular favorite... see different angles.

Christmas balls 2013

Yes, I made christmas balls again... No, I didn't sell them, again.  For some reason I never make the time and I only make enough to give away to special family members and don't end up making any profit.  Hopefully this year will be different...

The murrini's are what make them so special to me...

And I wrapped them so cutelyyyyyyy this time!!!!!