Swirly bracelet

The colors aren't showing up perfectly because of the harsh lighting, I hope you still appreciate some of the details on these beads though.  

(This is the best picture I think)

Storm rings

 I made these rings upon a special request from a friend who wanted to gift his wife a ring.  He was very specific about what he wanted.  He drew sketches, he showed me pictures of the storms on Jupiter, he didn't shut up about it for about a week.  Finally, I made 3 rings, (because I can't really gage the size of the ring so I make a few and then pick the one with the right size) and used random colors, since he hadn't been specific about that one detail.  He and his wife definitely loved the ring (the one with white).

My favorite was this one, however it was accidentally dropped and broke.  The orange one is still for sale.  :)  Do not drop!


Beads and stud earrings

These are beads I made for a group of sisters and a brother.  

Don't miss the details on the red bead.

These following earrings I definitely made upon request.  I am not much of a sculptor but I tried my best.  Please don't ask me for more of these!  hahaha

And the following are just some more stud earrings I made.

I love the colors and transparency on these...

As always everythign is done with sterling silver. 

(These are for sale)