Lampworking day #23. Part 2. Brown bead and a some clear blues...

After an hour of pulling and stretching shards into the most pathetic rods (that looked more like short stringers) and making a little bead and then only making it fatter by rolling it around on the glass splinters/frit... I made one bead.  One bead that never got hot enough to get round and never got hot enough to get smooth... This bead is all I got. 
This glass is definitely not soft enough for a hot head.  I will definitely not repeat this for a long time until I upgrade my torch.  However many years that is from now!

I'm so sad this didn't work out... because the color is lovely.  :(

After the beer bottle disappointment, I made these blue beads...

I basically wanted to practice decorating the beads with stringers... I'm not getting the hang of this yet.  I will keep practicing.

Here comes another post...

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