A Lampworking Disaster

So lately I've been dreaming of lampwork.  I've been obsessing on Etsy.  I've been obsessing on YouTube.  I've basically been obsessing all over the place

It all started with a beautiful necklace (not pictured) while I was having lunch one day.  I was gazing down at it and I thought to myself... "I need to make these beads" ...and that's when the craziness began. 

So I braced myself (and my wallet) ...and I bought all the stuff pictured in the photos below:

Hahaha note the fire extinguisher. 

Sooooo excited and about to begin.  My mom captured this wonderful moment... hahaha

Ughhhh look look look at the pretty pretty glassssss

Ok Imma do dis.

ohhhh Fuck.

Ohhh fuckedy fucking fuck.  ::on the phone::  "yeahhhh mom?  I don't recommend walking barefoot out there"  ...mom: "WHAT?!"

Yeah so forget about the fire hazzard.  Watch out for the glass.

See... the part that isn't pictured is when I let this ball of glass cool and then stuck it back in the fire.  I know.  Such a dumbass.

And what a beautiful mess, this is.

Dear God... Enlighten me?

Ughhhh ok let's try this again.  BTW I'm trying to make murrini.  To make murrini you basically make a ball of multicolored glass and then stretch it out.  ...I'm making it sound super simple but it's incredibly difficult.  At least... right now it is, for me. 

Look at my hannnnddd!!!!  Help!

Ok so This is the closest I got.  I know... it's amazing, isn't it?!!!


Sweet!  Did I do it right??? Let's see!

Oh god oh god oh god - HOW DO I CUT THESE?!! 

Great!  I've made another mess.  ::Facedesk::   


Wait. Wait. Wait.


I DID ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha yeah I know what you're thinking.  Ugliest murrini in all of invention, but HEY - it's a process. 
More coming soon.  :)  Thanks for checking out the so-called art studio blog.

Much love.  

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