Bochinche update

Here is a flier I actually made in 2013... I'm not sure why I haven't posted it until now but it seems appropriate.

I still love it and use it to advertise myself.  It's short and simple and really doesn't show enough of what I do, but it should be enough to catch viewer's attention to find out more and hopefully visit this blog?


On to the bochinche.

Things are chaaaanging again.  Things never stop changing (shit happens, and shit changes), but these are some major changes, and I'm feeling like lists rather than prose.

  • I've been working as an art teacher as of August 2013 at the Metropolitan School of Panama (Met), which basically made it impossible for me to make glass and blog about it as I wanted to
  • Octo finished his residency in Orthopedics around this time last year
  • Octo went to Spain for 7 months to learn about foot and ankle surgery and is back home now
  • We are moving to Colombia (Cali) in about a month as he continues his studies for foot and ankle surgery
  • My plan currently is to make lots of beads and things before moving to Cali, finish my master's final paper during our first months there and make and sell as much jewelry as I can
  • Figure out the feasibility of moving my glass studio to Cali and if possible doing that in November 
  • Depending on how the above goes.. considering becoming "instafamous" - KIDDING.. considering getting serious about bombarding people on social media with hopes of finally getting my Etsy store going and living off of my craft?  OR looking for a teaching position in Cali... 
so... yeah.  Not sure about the middle-term future of lampworking.  Teaching Art at the Met was an amazing experience which really helped me grow as an educator, but I am once again wondering about my passions.  I won't sit here and pretend like my husband's income isn't a factor in my decisions - as he grows professionally, my dreams of "becoming an artist" or living to make art become more enticing.  I won't say realistic, because I am all too aware of the possibility of failure... but I want to actually try and stop being so chicken.  Which is the logic behind that last bullet point. 

Oh, and I haven't blogged in here in over a year, so I have some serious catching up to do, which I intend to do, ...because I think it helps?  
And I do have some pretty cool pictures to share.
I'll stop rambling.  My brain hurts. 

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  1. Gabyyyy! congratulations!!!! Always aim for the stars, you will always reach your goals as long as you put your heart into them. Do what you love and stop worrying, life is too short. I love your art and your jewelry... I am sure the world will too. Take the risk and go for it!!!! <3


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